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PO Box 668364

Charlotte, NC 28266

Community Focused Change

Making a more affordable, accessible, and equitable Charlotte is my top priority. This means creating jobs and opportunities. I believe that Housing is a fundamental right that should be available to all citizens in District 3. Affordable housing issues don’t exist in a vacuum, they are intertwined with transportation and economic development issues. The children of District 3 can’t learn if they don’t know where they’re going to sleep each night. Families should not have to choose between paying rent and buying groceries. The priority should not be just to provide a place for families to live, but the focus should be on advancing quality of life. I am committed to putting the citizens in District 3 and Charlotte on the path to make real progress towards solving the issue of affordable housing.

  • I will advocate and lead the charge to acquire land from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and Mecklenburg County for affordable housing.

  • I will prioritize diverse price point housing for teachers and service professionals and use the land trust model to not only provide affordable housing but help residents prosper. While we should focus on creating new units we should also work to identify and acquire naturally occurring affordable housing. 

  • I will advocate for strategic mixed-use and mixed-income development that will intertwine connectivity with affordable housing and provide access to transportation and close proximity to jobs and fresh and affordable food options.



Public Safety

Your peace of mind is directly related to your quality of life. When you feel safe in your community you will be more productive. I believe that law enforcement officers should be part of the community in order for them to understand the neighborhoods they patrol. District 3 needs police officers that are accessible, responsive, and accountable. I rode with law enforcement and have witnessed first-hand the challenges our officers face and the compassion they have for the citizens of District 3. Citizens and law enforcement should work together to ensure the safety of our community.

  • I will advocate for police officers to meet the citizens and engage in the communities they are sworn to serve and protect.

  • I will push for an incentive program for officers to live within their precinct.

  • I will work to increase speed bumps in high traffic areas to keep you and your children safe as you live, work and play. 

  • As a volunteer attorney for Safe Alliance I have seen and worked directly with victim of domestic abuse. I want to make sure our community is protecting families to reduce occurrences of intimate partner violence. 



District 3 is the gateway to Charlotte. The District is home to Charlotte Douglas International Airport and stretches to the South Carolina border. For many people their first experience in Charlotte will run through District 3. Charlotte needs to provide better transportation options for its citizens to truly thrive.  

  • I will listen to residents are heard to ensure smart planning and development along the future Wilkinson Blvd. Light Rail Line.

  • I will work with transportation and CATS to increase the number of covered bus stops and reduce transit times in the district.

  • I will promote Green initiatives, increase bike lanes, and improve access to greenways making the district a walkable community.

  • I will continue to work with the North Carolina Department of Transportation and our delegation to the North Carolina General Assembly to ensure that the proposed improvements to Highway 160 in Steel Creek are done on time and on budget. 

  • I will be your advocate to ensure that more sidewalks are installed through District 3 to ensure that it is a safe and walkable community. 



We’ve all heard the narrative - Charlotte is dead last in upward mobility. I’m committed to cultivating a highly trained district that promotes job growth so that no one gets left behind.​ Charlotte needs to be the place that everyone wants to not only live but work in. My priority is bringing new jobs to District 3 so that everyone prospers. 

  • I will advocate for businesses receiving city contracts to follow the city’s lead in requiring a $16 minimum wage.

  • I will work to lower the barrier for entry for minority and women owned small businesses to obtain city contracts through creative solutions such as pooling their resources to increase their chance of success. 

  • I will invest in practical and transferable job training so people don’t just get “a job”, but they are able to make a living and career with the skills they have acquired.

  • I will advocate for strategic public private partnerships to ensure the city has an active stake in development.


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